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The Washington Nationals - Excellent Season Start, Depth an Issue

David Baucom

A retired Rear Admiral (RADM) with the U.S. Navy, David Baucom spent much of his career in the Washington, DC, metro area. An avid sports fan, David Baucom follows teams including the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals have enjoyed a hot streak throughout the first half of the baseball season, with the team on course to win 99 games. Sluggers Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, and Daniel Murphy together have contributed a majority of the team’s offensive firepower. In addition, the top three starting pitchers have been strong enough to carry a team with weaknesses in the rest of the pitching staff, including the bullpen.
During times when the core hitters have struggled, the team itself has been unable to rally and effectively take up the slack. Manager Dusty Baker has emphasized the need for the team to gain depth and consistency by pointing out that you can't depend on the same players day in and day out. In order for the team to succeed, young players such as Tanner Roark, Anthony Rendon, and Joe Ross will need to step up and perform consistently.

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