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The MOAA’s Scholarship Fund Supports Educational Assistance Programs

David Baucom

A former US Navy Rear Admiral (RADM), David F. Baucom retired from the Navy after spending more than three decades serving the military. During this time, he was a White House Military Aide to President Ronald Reagan and served aboard three ships. Although he currently serves as the senior director of supply chain for Vintun LLC, David Baucom retains his membership with the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

Dedicated to supporting the interests of military officers and their families, the MOAA maintains such programs and services as its scholarship fund. The organization’s scholarship fund supports its various educational assistance options. These include the MOAA’s interest-free loan and grant program and American Patriot Scholarship. The loan and grant program provides students of former, currently serving, and retired military officers with interest-free loans and grants for their undergraduate education. Meanwhile, the American Patriot Scholarship awards financial support to students who had a military parent die or become severely wounded.

The MOAA scholarship fund has been rated by the Independent Charities of America as one of the best in America. It is a member of the Military Family and Veterans Service Organizations of America and is tax-exempt by the IRS. Since the MOAA pays for its advertising, office supplies, and non-education support through its general fund, 100 percent of all scholarship fund donations go toward supporting the organization’s educational assistance programs.


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